Filtering on Customer Endpoint



Is there any way to filter on the customer endpoint to verify a customer exists? This would be extremely helpful for determining whether to send a user to a signup or login function.


Hi @cthompson

This functionality is on it’s way and should be added to our API + API reference very soon.

I’ll notify you when this is released, very soon :slight_smile:


Hi @cthompson

This is now live and ready to use.

You can see how to do this using the API reference.



Hi @notrab,

Has this been built into the JS-SDK yet?


Hi @cthompson

Currently the Customer class in the JS SDK does not support this but I’ll make sure to let the team know so we can support this asap.

Everything looks wired up to talk to the API for filtering, as it currently is supported for the Products endpoint, so it shouldn’t take too long to implement this functionality.

Thanks again for bringing the filtering to our attention for the customers endpoint. I’m very happy we managed to get that shipped yesterday for you :smile:

I’ll go ahead and close this thread but feel free to open another if you have any other issues or feedback. I’ll update this thread when the SDK is updated to support this too.

Have a great weekend :smile:



@cthompson We have updated the SDK to support this functionality. You’ll need to bump your version to 3.3.0 if you have it installed already.

Can’t wait to hear about what you’re building with Moltin :sunglasses: