Field types


Part of creating custom flows, there are many fields that I can think of that would be very good to have:

Array (repeater field)
Object (group field)
Datetime (timestamp field)
Geopoint (Geo coordinates field) // optional
Reference (Link to another object)

Any roadmap on this?


HI thank you for the feedback, it doesn’t look like these are on the roadmap at the moment but I will pass this feedback back to our product team.




I misread some of your fields sorry, we have a date field available and a reference field we call a relationship field.

A Geopoint could be stored as a delimited string (lat+long) possibly and an array could be stored as a comma delimited string and converted in to an array.

We have a current list of fields here

Thank you




Thanks for the link, but why do I only see 4 options under Field Type, when adding a field to a custom flow?



In the top paragraph we have listed string , integer , boolean , date or relationship. Are you adding this via the Dashboard?

Hope this helps


Just to follow up, the date field isn’t in the dashboard at the moment but can be used via direct API calls.

Thank you