Fetching products with a filter on 'brand' returns also 'child products'


I only want to show base_products in my product catalog. When I fetch all products without any filter this gives me only the base products which is great.

But, when I add a filter to the fetch for example on brand the result does also contain child_products.

In any case, I only want to get the base_products when I fetch the API. Is there a way how to do this?

I’m using the .js SDK to fetch the products.



Thanks for creating this! It is a known issue I believe. Just to be transparent, we can’t say when this will be scheduled in for investigation specifically. In the meantime, you might add a block of code on the site that:

Whenever products are fetched using a filter, look at the response, and filter out those products which have a “parent” in the “relationships” node of the product response. That way your website will never show child products even if they are returned for now.