Enable Manual Gateway on V2



First enable the manual gateway for your store, either in the dashboard or through the API:

PUT to /v2/gateways/manual

  "data": {
    "type": "gateway",
    "enabled": true

Checkout your order as normal. Then authorize the payment using the manual gateway:

POST to /v2/orders/:orderID/payments

  "data": {
    "gateway": "manual",
    "method": "authorize"

This will create a transaction on the order with the manual gateway. Once you have received payment, you can capture the transaction to mark the transaction & order as paid. (To find the transaction ID, you can GET to /v2/orders/:orderID/transactions)

POST to /v2/orders/:orderID/transactions/:transactionID/capture

How we can we use another payment gateway using manual
PayPal Gateway possible for Germany based shop?

I’m currently evaluating Moltin, but I don’t want credit card details to pass through my system. Could this be a solution? i.e. set the payment gateway to “manual”, use Stripe’s hosted payment solution, and then manually set the order to “paid” when the payment has been received?


Yes that would certainly be a use case for the manual gateway.

The other approach to do this would be to use payment tokens. Currently we only have support for paying with Braintree tokens but support for Stripe tokens will be added in the future.