Deploy version showing demo products



I started with the react demo store. Added my own API key in the moltin.js file, added my own products, categories etc. All looks good on localhost but when I deploy to github/Heroku it shows the demo products. Can I have some hints on how to fix this PLEASE?



Are you able to link us to your GitHub repo and solution?




Thanks for your reply.


Hi @andynbruce

How are you deploying? Are you using the Heroku deploy button inside the README? If so, there is a default ENV variable for client_id you’ll also need to change.

I hope this helps :smile:


Bring me your lips Mr Barton, I want to give you a kiss. Thanks! that worked.

I thought I had tried that, must have biffed the commit.

Cheers. Love the project, great introduction to Moltin.