Deleting Orders from Store


Is there a way to delete orders from my store? I’m in the process of setting up a store and testing it, but it would appear I can’t delete dummy orders within the store. Is it possible?


Hey @mwhuff

You can’t delete orders but if you create a new store via I can delete your existing store.

I personally have two stores running, one for development and another for production. So I’d recommend you keep it and each time you login, you can select the store :smile:


Thanks for the fast response. So what happens when the store is live and a customer places a order then within minutes decides he/she doesn’t want the item and wants to cancel it? He/she calls to cancel but I cant remove the order from the store. I guess I can just not ship the item, but does it come out of inventory right away or when it ships?


Hi @mwhuff :wave:

Right now any orders that a customer wishes to cancel you would handle. An order cannot be deleted or set as cancelled.

Edit: The inventory system won’t automatically allocate stock but this is something we have in the pipeline.

I hope this helps :smile:


Thanks for the reply!!


@mwhuff it is possible to manually monitor and flag orders as cancelled using the Flows functionality.

You could also create a custom Flow inside the Dashboard to attach a boolean field to orders so you can visually see which is cancelled.

Head on over to Flows

Create a new Flow

Edit the orders Flow

Add a new Field to the orders Flow

Then when you head to view an order you can then check and save the order.

I hope this helps :smile:

How to change order status to cancelled?

Is there a way to change the status of an order to “cancelled”



Hi @greenlightpete , apologies for the delayed answer. We seem to have missed your post. While you cannot cancel an order, you can flag it as cancelled through the dashboard, using Flows (see the posts above for more details). You can then update the product with the PUT request. Cancelled order statuses are on our roadmap but I can’t confirm when it will arrive into the public API.


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