Deleting a product-variation relationship is not possible



I just noticed that currently it is not possible to delete a product-variation relationship.

A DELETE request to {apiURL}/products/{productID}/relationships/variations would return the following:

    "errors": [
            "status": 500,
            "title": "Internal Server Error",
            "detail": "There was an internal server error, you can report with your request id.",
            "request_id": "2017a52298033018"

Other DELETE requests to the {apiURL}/products/{productID}/relationships/${type} endpoint where
type === “brands” || “collections” || “categories” || "main-image || “files” would return an empty response with response status 204. Those were successful.

Thank you!

  • Oscar


Hi Oscar,

Our monitoring picked up those errors this morning and we have task in our issue tracker ready for next week. Thanks for flagging this up!