Im new to back-end and still not getting if I will need any database to work with moltin like MongoDB.


Afaik Moltin cannot be self-hosted and thus the answer would be no, you don’t need your db.


What about the currency, im from brazil so my store would be here. I would
only sell in R$ my currency.


You can define any currency on your Moltin dashboard and simply introduce the exchange rate.


Thx for the informations it was helpful.


Hey @guilhermemb98 :wave:

@alex is right that you don’t need to bring your own DB to use moltin. Our API does all of the heavy lifting so you can focus on creating a beautiful commerce experience.

I look forward to seeing what you build with moltin :grinning:


Is the database mySQL? Is it accessible through the API?


Hi @melikay74 :wave:

We use a variety of databases across our services. These databases arent directly available but accessible through our extensive API.

Please feel free to open a new thread if you have any further questions :smile: