Dashboard feature update: variations management!



Thanks to the wonderful dashboard team led by @jonathan, you are now able to view and manage your variations, options, modifiers and child products all from within the dashboard! Visit any product detail page to check it out!

If you’re wondering how variations work and what you need to know, we recommend starting with this post: https://moltin.com/blog/2017/06/introducing-variations-options-modifiers/

There’s also a great guide in the developers portal outlining the steps involved: https://developers.moltin.com/guides/product/using-product-variations


I read through the updated documentation, regarding variants, I have created a tee shirt with Variants Size and Color, through the dashboard UI. The Variant Option for Size is XL and for Color it is Blue, I created a modifier for the Variant Option Blue, append_to_slug with a value of blue. when I hit the child products expecting the product matrix. I get an error

There was a problem building your child products


Hey Sturner,

Product variants also require a unique sku, try adding a modifier for sku.

Also one thing I find helpful is using developer tools to get a reable error response.



good look, developer tools


Does the ordering of the variant options, have the ability to displayed different than in the dashboard, using the dashboard UI, I can’t seem to order the Variant Options