Customer Forgot Password


I would like to ask about customer ‘forgot password’ functionality. Can anyone offer workarounds to make this possible?

There is a related topic here that was never rectified:


Hi thank you for the feedback, this is something that has come up in the past and isn’t currently on the roadmap. I will however feed this back to the relevant team.

At the moment you can handle customer forgotten passwords on the client side, by creating a system that sends a link to the user via email to confirm their identity. Once confirmed the application (via client credential authentication with a server based script) can update the password.

Hope this helps


I’ll give that a try. Thanks for the input.


This sounds like a great idea for a tutorial and example code. @bclynch would you be interested in collaborating on this? Feels like a lot of users could benefit from this example.


I haven’t yet finished up this feature yet, but can certainly contribute some code when I am wrapped up with it.