Create customer after making an order



Hi guys !

Here is my use case.
What I try to keep in my e-commerce website is the concept of guest customer :

  • add some
  • checkout the cart
  • make the payment
  • with no need for the customer to create an account

But still at the end we ask the customer if you would like to create an account permitting him to track his order and have history of his previous ones.

I saw that it is now possible to associate an order to a customer using his token.
The thing is it need to create a customer account before making the checkout.

So is it possible to create the customer account after a payment and then associate the order to this customer ?


Hi there!

This isn’t possible right now, you’d have to ask the user to create an account before you created the order.

It does seem like a valid use case so I’ll see if we can add it to our roadmap.



Ok thank you @James
Let me know if anything comes out of it.

The purpose of this strategy is to enhance the conversion rate by providing as few step as possible for the customer.


Hi @James !
Any update about this ?


I’ve added this to our backlog, however I don’t have an idea of when we’ll be tackling it just yet.