Conekta gateway


Hello there! Love the product and I’m really looking forward to make an integration.

I’m wondering if a Payment Gateway like Conekta (for mexican payments) could be consider.

I would love to be able to use it or even contribute to enable the gateway - since I’m a developer.

Thank you!


Hey @kinduff

That would be amazing! What we’ve seen people do is build around our manual gateway concept and build serverless functions that handle the logic between the different payment gateways.

We’ve a few repos now floating around GitHub from various contributors and I’d be open to the idea of creating one repo we can use on the main that you can contribute to. That way we’re getting the gateways into more hands of our users and others have the chance to push forward their gateways of choice.

There’s a small guide here on how our manual gateway works should it be helpful.

Love to hear your thoughts :smile: