Conditionnal variations



Hi !
I want to know if it’s possible to have conditionnal variations.
I will take shoes for examples :
Two variations : color and size
Options for colors are : red, yellow and green
Options for sizes are : 43, 44, 45

With this variations I will get 9 child products. But the yellow shoes doesn’t exist in 44, so I don’t want a child product for this combinaision of variation.

Is it possible ? How can I acheive this ?



Hi jean,

We don’t have conditionals on variations but we have thought about the very situation you describe…

if you set the stock level to 0 for that particular child product you can then filter it out client-side.

If you include the child products when getting the base product, and use the variation matrix you should be able to ensure any child product with 0 stock could not be added to the cart.

The cart will reject any product where stock is managed and at level 0.

hope this helps.


Thanks, this helps ! :slight_smile:


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