Collections endpoint does not work using implicit authentication



Hi there !

I discovered that the collections endpoints does not work using the implicit authentication.
I can retrieve all my collections using the client_credentials authentication way but none using the implicit way.

here is the result of my request using the implicit way :

    "data": [],
    "links": {
        "current": "[limit]=100&page[offset]=0",
        "first": "[limit]=100&page[offset]=0",
        "last": null
    "meta": {
        "results": {
            "total": 0,
            "all": 22
        "page": {
            "limit": 100,
            "offset": 0,
            "current": 1,
            "total": 1

Is it an intended behavior or is it a bug ?


Hi @NeilujD

I’m using implicit credentials and can successfully get all collections. Our demo store I Love Lamp also uses implicit authentication and this successfully loads our top picks collection.

Looking at the response above it would appear there are no collections. Are you sure the collections you have created are set as live? I’ve often saved a collection and forgotten to set this boolean.

Have a great day :smile:


Indeed they are set as draft !
Thanks for your help !


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