Clients having an recurring issue when processing order


We offer discounts and are US based, so need sales tax inclusion. The way we had hoped it would work was to simply alter the total amount (reflecting tax and discounts) in one call using the iOS SDK to convert cart to an order.

Testing showed that wasn’t working, it wouldn’t let us alter the total it was trying to calculate itself.

So we then attempt to update the order using PhP script but many times the order# can’t be found. I do up to 25 retries with 1 second delays in PhP and still sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. In the PhP script I keep an array of each action so I can debug and see how many times its trying to find the order and that Moltin endpoints keep returning failed finds on the new order number. Again, sometimes it works first time. So it’s all over the place.

If successful, we then do the payment processing.

Can anyone offer us any ideas on how to either wait, how long to keep retrying or if we are just plain doing this wrong.

We are live, so this is a very serious and money costing issue. Every failed order is min. $25 for us as that’s the cheapest product.

Desperately need help on this.