Can't set product to live



I cannot seem to make a product live in the dashboard?


Hi @joe

Thanks for this. It appears the form won’t save on click.

I’ve pinged our one of our engineers to look into this and I’ll update you asap.

Thanks for flagging this


Just a suggestion but for companies like myself to build an e-commerce store quickly it would help to have a better fleshed out dashboard so we can use that until we have built our own as there are lots of little quirks I am discovering when playing around with your API. I understand your main objective is the API itself but better dashboard I am sure would be appreciated by all :slight_smile:


Thanks @joe

You should be able to update products now, apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Also love your idea, we’re working hard to improve the Dashboard. I’d be happy to share some of our thoughts and ideas on our improvements when we’re ready to share with the community, let me know if this is of any interest :smile:


Yeah sure I would like to know what you have on the roadmap one big thing is multi upload for images it’s painful doing it one by one. If you would like to include my account in any beta testing then by all means do!


Sounds great @joe

I’ll make sure to reach out when we have something to share. Community feedback means a lot to us :blush:


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