Cannot read property 'with_tax' of undefined



Hi everyone, hi molten team,

I’m doing the youtube tutorial Build a eCommerce website with Next.js + moltin from @notrab.
Everything is fine I am in part 3 but I think I am doing the configuration of my products in the dashboard wrong.
When I use the test Custom ID j6hSilXRQfxKohTndUuVrErLcSJWP15P347L6Im0M4 everything works , but when I use my own ID I always got errors like now

Cannot read property ‘with_tax’ of undefined

Also there is no price seen in the dashboard

Would be glad if there would be someone who can explain how to configure products in dashboard and so on?!

Many thanks


Hey @christoph :wave:

Sorry you’re having issues. Happy to help you get up and running again!

I’ll DM you so I can grab your client_id and we can go from there :upside_down_face:


Hey @christoph

Thanks for your patience. I’ve managed to identify the issues you’ve been encountering. Let’s take a look!

  1. Looking at your product data you have a couple of products with pricing inconsistencies. Your product meta.display_price object is calculated using the currency value specified in the request headers. If no header (X-Moltin-Currency) is provided, then the store default will be used. In this instance, your store default is USD however one of your products does not have a USD price and therefore it does not return a formatted price for you. There are two options: 1) make EUR your default store currency, or 2) ensure all your products have a USD pricing option

  2. The second issue is a result of how your currencies are set up. On each currency there is a format field which is essentially the value returned to you on the product. You need this to include the {price} property, either before or after your currency symbol. i.e. {price}€ or ${price}.

Hope this helps! :upside_down_face:


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