Cannot delete Customer



Today I created a customer with id (423623f2-0cff-42e0-ada5-333f3a0e3db8) but cannot delete it now.

Says “There was a problem deleting your customer”.

Please let me know how I can handle this.



Hey Alex,

Can you post the code you are using.



Hi George,


name: ${firstName} ${lastName},

email: email,

}).then(customer => {


Hi @alexfevral,

I can see that the user stated still exists, do you want me to go ahead and delete it and see if any errors are thrown?


Hi Drew,

Yes, please try it. On my side, it keeps saying “There was a problem deleting your customer”.



Hey @alexfevral

Looks like we have a bug to squash, it appears the API is returning a 500 error when a delete request is made.

I have raised an issue with engineering and will feedback to you as soon as I have more information. Hopefully, we will get this resolved soon.




Thank you, I will wait for update.




Is there any news?



Hi @alexfevral

I’m not sure when this bug will be fixed but it has been logged with in our product/engineering team.

I’ve made sure someone notifies you when it’s resolved :smile:


Thanks, but isn’t it global issue among all users? Or only happening on my side?


Hi Alex,

At the moment this is affecting all users, I have tested against your store and my test environment. It has been passed to the engineering team who will prioritise and fit into their sprint schedule.

Are you blocked in your development by this issue?




Nope, just asking.

Thanks for your update.


Hi @alexfevral

Our Engineers have issued a patch for this issue and you should now be able to delete customers. If you have any further problems please do not hesitate to reach out to us :slight_smile:

Thank you



Yes, I have just confirmed it.

Thank you very much for your support !!!


Any time always happy to help :smiley: