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Hi! First, i want to say, that my English so bad :slight_smile: Sorry…

I make an application, where i can do this:

In first VC i want to see brands. For example, “Magazine1” , “Magazine2” and other… When i click to some magazine, i want to see the viewController, where i can change sex (Men, Women). Before this, i want to see products, or collections (shoes, top clothe and other) a.

For example i downloaded the project ios-sdk-master. In this project present how i can see category and go to detailView to products. But i dont understand how i can do this (top text). Help me please!

Thank you very much…


Hey @SooqaEffect your English isn’t that bad I understood it. You’ll get better at it.

The best way to get started creating your own project is to download Moltin as a dependency. I like to use Cocoapods. The ios-sdk-master has a example app to get a understanding of what developers can build. I don’t think it’s for personal use.

Let me know if you need anymore help!


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