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are there currently problems with the Braintree Gateway?

I wonder because yesterday i’ve tested it in Sandbox and everything was working, today - without (i think) any changes in my code it’s no longer working.

  • Paypal Sandbox API Calls are successful.
  • Braintree Sandbox no new Transactions however.
  • Order was created but without payment.

So: gets a error:

Error cartPay in DJWarenkorbController: responseError(Optional(Error Domain=com.moltin Code=400 “(null)” UserInfo={errors=(
detail = “The request to the payment gateway failed”;
title = “Payment gateway error”;

Im using paymentMethod: BraintreePaymentNonce
Here is how i get the nonce:

payPalDriver.requestOneTimePayment(request) { (tokenizedPayPalAccount, error) in
if let nonce = tokenizedPayPalAccount.nonce {

nonce is generated correctly.

Checked my braintree gateway in Moltin now twice, everything is filled correctly like in Braintree Sandbox:
Environment: sandbox
merchantid, public and private key also ok.

So i have no idea why it is no longer working. You guys have an idea how to get further informations to this 400 error?

Thanks and best regards


Hi Daniel,

We’re looking into this now!



Hi @danieljapps

Could you give this another try?



Hi James,

works now again. Thank you for solving this so fast.

Best regards


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