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We are building a storefront for consumers that like to shop for fresh fruit and vegetables at farmers markets. We have build a basic react store with signup functionality so far. Our strategy is to onboard customers with an app that allows them to buy produce and collect it from these farmers markets. Having consumed related forum posts, I still have some questions about the best architecture. The overarching question is, “should we use a single or multistore approach?”. Clearly marketplaces are single stores with vendor IDs and carts

First, some answers to decision tree questions posted elsewhere by @ajsturrock :

  • Can an end user add products from multiple vendors (farmers) into the same cart together? No
  • Are you holding and fulfilling stock from physical locations? Stock is sold and collected from farmer’s markets.
  • Are you shipping orders to the farmer’s markets from a single distribution point? No. Many farmers (stores) will bring produce.

I want to check if this is the best solution, and thank the community and Moltin in advance for the support:

  1. A multi-store setup. Sync product data across stores. Stock levels managed for each store inside each individual store.
  2. Lookup table used to switch between stores. User should be able to look at multiple vendors products.
  3. Each store would use flows to integrate the physical locations of all farmer’s markets (collection points) that customers can select (or based on the closest physical location to the customers location if you have that data to hand).
  4. Create a custom order status attribute so that when stock is added to a given farmer’s market Twilio or Sendgrid notify customers in the area

Alternatively, we could treat each farmer’s market as a marketplace with multiple vendors in one Moltin store.

Thank you.


Hey Greenheart,

This sounds like a great idea and awesome use case for Moltin. We have seen some people do marketplace things using moltin. I can work on outlining how I would think about approaching this today and get back to you.



@GeorgeF This would be great. We are enjoying building via the dashboard, but this input would help inform our idea before we get too deep. I was in touch with the sales team too, and the pricing seems ok for us. Thanks, Fraser (our dev’s name is Mohsin Latif)


Hey Fraser,

Sorry for the delay. We have spent some time internally talking about this. My colleague from the UK is in town this week. It would be great if we could hop on a call. Let me know if you have any availability this week.



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