Best CMS for use with moltin


Is there any headless CMS that works well with Moltin or has an integration for Moltin?

Also, any idea when the new updates of the UI will be in force?




Hey @uwaterdog

I can’t say which is “best” as there are a lot of really great headless CMS solutions. My personal favourites are Contentful and GraphCMS.

During build or on an SPA I usually request data from a number of sources, this could be a CMS, taxes or shipping API and render what I need. I’m not sure what an “integration” would look like, what’s your thoughts on how this could work?

The UI is being updated in stages and you should start to see more and more updates over the coming weeks/months. Rest assured anything new added to the Dashboard (e.g. Billing Management uses our new style guide.




An integration would be something similar to this

Prismic asked for any suggestions, i sent an email to them asking for Moltin. We’ll see what happens.

I have a developer looking over Moltin on Thursday for our first client. Will see what they come up with.

Is the usable as a good starting point?

Also, is there any specific way that we could save data to customer orders or accounts?

Similar to this: We’re taking customer information from within the cart for their order.


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Nice! I requested an invite to the Prisma beta a while ago but heard nothing back.

The gatsby-demo-store is a WIP using Gatsby with Moltin, feel free to PR any ideas you have!

There is another Gatsby starter which has been around for a while which does contain the functionality you’re asking, you can see that here.

To save orders, during checkout you’d need to ask for customer name/email/password, create an account, and then checkout using the customer ID. I started to implement this functionality in the moltin/gatsby-demo-store and it works, there is just no success screen implemented yet :wink:

The additional info on your checkout would need to be reapplied to the order after checkout. It’s certainly been requested that cart/cart_item flow data is persisted to orders and would help massively here :slight_smile:



Thanks for the reply.

Is there no way to save the data in the checkout fields at this time? I was asking more so about saving this data to customer accounts within the admin dashboard, not on the clients side at this time.

Would there be no way to save any of this data before getting to the checkout and then adding it to the order? Or do this have to be done after the checkout.

Aka, customer logins in gets ID, fills out prescription on or before the checkout url, then does the checkout.

We do this now in Shopify differently

Heres what we can do already in Shopify but don’t exactly want to do: User information is posted as a line item property. This has to be redone for every addition to the cart and cannot be saved to the users account.



Here’s what we were hoping to be able to do in Moltin: Have the user add as many frames as they wanted to the cart with their options or addons. And force one prescription for all of those frames whilst within the checkout or just before the checkout steps.

  1. - the cart has the prescription data and we can stop users from doing multiple prescriptions

  2. - user file upload in the checkout path