Authenticate moltin users on remote app


Hi guys !
Is there a way to authenticate moltin user accounts from a custom remote web app / server ?

As I want to extend the moltin features in my web app, I would like to authenticate the moltin users whose accounts have access to my store for instance. That would prevent having redondant users accounts to have access on my moltin store api.


Hey NeiluJD,

Could you give me a bit more of your use case so I can understand what it is you are trying to achieve? If you could give me some information about your architecture and your goals that would be great :slight_smile:


Support Engineer


Hi Drew !

I am currently working on a “admin” UI for my store in which I will include some specific extra features about my store. For instance I would like to extract orders with different formats (csv, excel, google spreadsheet, …).
So I need to authenticate my users to make sure not everybody can have access to these features.
Currently I use Firebase to authenticate my users but it would be nice if they were matching the moltin users that have access to my store and the forge.

Am I clear enough ? :thinking:

Thank you for your attention :slight_smile:


Hi There!

Currently the API for creating, managing and authenticating users with a username & password isn’t public. It is however something we’d like to make available for our users in the future along with our store creation & management APIs.

If you’re worried about duplicating users in your store & firebase then the cleanest solution right now would be to store your users & passwords in firebase and have a single master user on your store. Once your users are authenticated you use the API keys for your store to make requests.



Hi James !

Indeed I thought about it. The thing is I did not plan to duplicate the forge as I think it is a great tool. Then I want my users to use my app and the forge in completion, at least for a first release of my store.

Good to hear that you guys are considering to publish the moltin account API ! However do you have an approximate roadmap about making it available ?

Thanks !