Associate a collection to a variation option


Hi !
I would like to know if it is possible somehow to associate some collections to a variation option ?
It would be helpful to automatically associate some products to collections just by building the children products.


Hey @NeilujD!

Unfortunately child products do not currently support relationships with other resources right now.

If you could elaborate on the use case I could perhaps suggest an alternate solution :smile:

Have a great day!


Let say I have a base product with a “design” variation.
I have multiple design options.
I want to categorize my designs by collections : for example the design “fire” is part of the “hot” collection.
It means that all my child product issuing from the “fire” option need to have the “hot” collection relationship.
That way I can filter my child products by collections without updating all the child products.
It would be an equivalent to modifiers that permit to apply a collection relationships to my child products.

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