500 code error deleting a child product main image



i’m trying to delete a main_image relationship of a child product from your dashboard and via direct DELETE http reques and i’m getting the following 500 http internal server error the error message says i can report it using the request id “request_id”:“f945a579ff8116b4”


this is the payload the dashboar is using in the request


Hi @rutasdelosandes

I’ve added this to our backlog so an engineer can investigate.

Thanks for the report!


thanks @james because this is blocking the development i’m doing and i don’t want to migrate only because of this.


any updates on this? i would like to know if its only me or this is an error you could replicate on your end


Hi @rutasdelosandes

Yes, we’ve replicated the issue. We’re currently investigating whether there are any other issues around relationships on child products so we can push out these fixes together.